Why Choose Pines

Pines guarantees you a completely natural & pure wheat grass product, with quality and freshness as close as possible to freshly harvested wheat grass.

Every step of its growing, harvesting, manufacturing and packaging process is designed to maximize nutrient levels of Pines Wheat Grass products, resulting in the best wheat grass products available on the market.

12 Reasons Why Pines Wheat Grass Is Your Best Choice

Organic & Natural

1. Certified Organic

Guaranteed no herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used. Pines Wheat Grass is organically grown and certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI), USA.

2. Pure & Natural Without Fillers

What you get are 100% pure wheat grass powders and 98% pure wheat grass tablets (with 2% natural tableting ingredient) using a high compression low temperature tableting process. No fillers like maltodextrin, kelp or brown rice are used.

Optimum Growing Conditions

3. Grown In Fertile Soils of USA Wheat Belt

Pines Wheat Grass is grown in mineral-rich soils in the wheat belt of Kansas, USA. Coupled with ideal climate and a pollution-free environment, Kansas USA is renowned for growing wheat grass of superior nutritional levels.

4. Grown Outdoors For Best Growth Conditions

Unlike wheat grass grown in over-crowded trays, hydroponics and aeroponics, Pines grows its wheat grass outdoors, properly spaced out, in natural organic conditions. This allows the roots to spread out wide and deep for the plants to freely accumulate high nutrient levels. Sunlight also keeps mold growth at bay, a common problem with tray grown wheat grasses.

5. Winter Grown For Maximum Nutrient Absorption
Pines Wheat Grass is grown over 7 months through the cold winter and harvested in spring. During this period of slow growth, the plant becomes deeper green in colour and accumulates very high nutrient levels as it develops deep roots to enable maximum nutrient absorption from the soil.

6. Grown Only Once A Year For Maximum Nutrient Preservation

This means soils aren’t overused and minerals aren’t depleted. If cultivation is done throughout the year, just imagine how much nutrients are left in your wheat grass!

Peak Harvesting

7. Harvested When Plant Reaches Nutritional Peak

The highest level of nutrients in wheat grass occurs just before the jointing stage, which is the stage just prior to the plant forming wheat grains. After this stage, the nutrient levels in leaves drop drastically. Pines harvests day and night throughout this period to capture the nutrients at their peak. And, only the top 3 inches of the leaves, the most nutritious parts are used.

8. Hygienically Harvested

Harvesting is done by special direct cutting whereby leaves go straight into the harvester without touching the ground to avoid contamination.

Superior Processing Method

9. Patented Low Temperature Processing

Pines Wheat Grass is dried using a gentle low temperature dehydrator. Wheat grass is converted into small pellets for storage to limit nutrient loss.

10. Cryogenically Stored For Guaranteed Freshness

For maximum nutrients and guaranteed freshness, dehydrated Pines Wheat Grass pellets are kept in nitrogen filled pharmaceutical grade bags and stored at -20°C. Nutrient loss and oxidation cannot take place at below freezing temperatures. Wheat grass pellets are only removed from storage only when they’re needed to be made into tablets.

Safe & Finest Quality

11. Stringent Quality Control Checks

Every batch of Pines Wheat Grass undergoes strict in-house quality control testing. Samples are also sent to independent labs to ensure only safe products for your consumption.

12. Nitrogen Packed For Best Keeping Quality

Pines Wheat Grass is the only wheat grass product in the market that is nitrogen packed in amber glass bottles. This limits the effects of light and oxygen, ensuring maximum nutrient potency and best keeping quality.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Pines Guarantee Every step of the way, from the sowing in the field to the finished product that reaches your hand, Pines commitment to best nutrient levels, freshness and quality results in the best wheat grass products on the market. We are positive that you’ll be pleased with the quality of Pines Wheat Grass. Purchase without worries as we offer a 30 day product quality guarantee.

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with any unopened product in good condition or the quality of any opened product, you can return the product within 30 days of the purchase date for a free replacement or a full refund.