Pines Wheat Grass has been beneficial and proven effective by countless people throughout the world, including Malaysians. With Pines Wheat Grass, they have felt great improvements in their health. In appreciation, our satisfied consumers have written testimonies to endorse and share the goodness of Pines Wheat Grass products.

  • Thank you for your excellent wheat grass powder and tablets. They are certainly better than juicing my own wheat grass as the results from your Pines Wheat Grass products are way better. I highly recommend your products to my friends and family.

    Ms. G. – Beverly Hills, California

  • I have been taking Pines Wheat Grass powder and I know it has been helping me to feel better. I am grateful that Pines produces such a fine, wholesome product. I hope that Pines will always grow this wonderful product and harvest and dry it they way it should be.

    Mrs. V.J. – Idaho Fall, Idaho

  • For three years now, my husband has been taking Pines Wheat Grass tablets. I must say he is a picture of good health with full of energy and works hard, even at 70 years old. Pines Wheat Grass definitely had much to do with his good health.

    Mrs. D.F. – Newport Beach, California

  • I have been taking Pines Wheat Grass since the 1980s. Since then, I rarely fall sick, not even after the cold winter. Thank you so much for keeping me healthy.

    Mrs. G.B. – Flemington, New Jersey

  • I quit taking Pines Wheat Grass to check if wheat grass was actually helping me. In two month’s time, I can tell that it made a physical difference. People have even noticed a difference in my skin and eyes. Some acquaintances have even asked if I was ill. I’ll never let wheat grass escape my diet again!

    Tammy Hanlin – Berryville, Virginia

  • Pines Wheat Grass is a great boon when traveling. I carry with me a generous supply of Pines Wheat Grass in my purse. It makes a convenient, wholesome and nutritional food whenever I’m on the go. Many thanks.

    Ms. M.F. – Gold Beach, Oregon

  • I work for an airline and often travel to foreign countries where my eating habits go berserk. I’m currently consuming Pines Wheat Grass tablets and powder to help make up for what’s missing in my diet. I’m mostly vegetarian and feel that Pines Wheat Grass should be included in my diet on a permanent basis.

    Mr. S.T. – Flushing, New York

  • My busy training schedule doesn’t leave me much time to worry about my daily nutrition. So I depend on Pines Wheat Grass to make up for what my diet is missing. I can really tell the difference in how I feel.

    Greg Welch, 1992 Ironman Japan Champion

  • Pines Wheat Grass products helped alleviate and soothe my painful stomach ulcers. I no longer suffer from this problem and I feel more energetic too.

    Fong Thye See – Penang, Malaysia

  • Your wheat grass tablets proved very satisfactory. I was introduced to Pines Wheat Grass tablets and found they were most helpful. I have my digestive condition in good control and would not substitute for any other product.

    Mrs. D.T. – Phoenix, Arizona

  • I did not realize that I have bad breath until my friends started avoiding me. My mother recommended me to take Pines Wheat Grass for its detoxifying and deodorizing properties. Sure enough, my breath was fresher and I no longer have bad breath. I love Pines Wheat Grass powder!

    Chan Youth Kan – Sarawak, Malaysia

  • My niece from California sent me a bottle of wheat grass after I had radium treatments. After a week, I felt much better and was able to do some housework. Now I’m able to do everything. I am sold on this as it helps so much.

    Ms. A.M. – Kansas City, Missouri

  • When I had gastritis & stomach internal bleeding, I had to eat small meals every 2 hours. It was inconvenient especiallly during working hours. Taking Pines Wheat Grass has naturally helped heal my problem!

    Lee Mei Ping – Penang, Malaysia