Pines Wheat Grass made into a super fine powder through spray-drying to better preserve its nutrients. It has the same nutritional value of Pines Wheat Grass tablets, with less fiber. A healthful source of natural nutrients with over 13 vitamins, 90 minerals & trace elements, 20 amino acids, enzymes and chlorophyll.

Great for juice lovers, kids, seniors and those with difficulty swallowing tablets. It can be easily enjoyed on its own with water or made into delicious drinks when mixed with honey, fruit juices or cereals drinks. (Refer to Serving Tips for more refreshing juice recipes)

Available in 42 grams

Key Features

  • Certified organic
  • Direct from Kansas, the wheat belt of USA. Mineral-rich soils, ideal climate and a pollution free environment makes Kansas renowned for growing wheat grass of superior nutritional levels.
  • 100% pure wheat grass powder with absolutely no additives, colors or preservatives
  • Most nutritionally concentrated wheat grass in the market. Harvested at nutritional peak and processed with low temperature dryers using only the most nutritious parts of the leaves, the top 3 inches.
  • The only wheat grass product in the market that is nitrogen packed in amber glass bottles to ensure freshness and retention of high nutrient content.